January 19, 2018

2018 Fortune – NEW – for sale or “rent-to-own”

16 x 80
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath

This beautiful brand new home could be yours! Hickory cabinets, china hutch, dishwasher, concrete steps and patio area, storage shed, steel skirting, and extra insulation throughout.  Call today for a viewing.

Appraised value: $60,087
Selling price: $55,500

Rent Concession: $800/mo

Call Pinewood Court
(608) 534-6210





A rent concession agreement is an agreement where the community owner, Pinewood Court, desires to assist a tenant to become a homeowner. The concept is that the tenant rents the home and site for a predetermined period of time (24 – 36 months), and during that rental term, Pinewood reserves a portion of the rent ($250 per month) to be used by the tenant for a down payment. The tenant is free to purchase the home at the end of their rental. If the tenant chooses to purchase the home, the money in the reserve fund is paid to a licensed lender as a down payment. At no time is the money given to the tenant. If the tenant decides not to purchase the home, the reserve fund reverts to rent payable to Pinewood. Tenant must pre-qualify with a licensed lender to purchase the home, except for having the necessary down payment.