February 23, 2024


Are you looking to reduce your housing costs?

In today’s economy, it seems our money just doesn’t go very far. Many Americans are looking to reduce their monthly expenses any way they can.  One area many are taking a second look at is their monthly housing expense. Housing costs are typically an enormous percentage of many household budgets…but it doesn’t have to be that way. Living in a manufactured home can cut housing costs dramatically.  And these homes are not only affordable to purchase, they are energy efficient, and they are beautiful!

What about quality?

You are assured of first-rate construction, because all manufactured homes built since 1976 must meet the strict performance standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The department’s code requires the highest standards in every phase of construction and its requirements are comparable to the Standard Building Code for site-built homes.

And beauty?

Seeing is believing. Today’s homes look nothing like the “trailers” of the past. You’ll experience all the appeal and comfort you expect in a high-quality home. There’s a spacious, stylish and beautiful manufactured home for every taste, budget and lifestyle. Whatever you want in your next home, you can have it in a manufactured home!

Who chooses to live here?

The renter…because they were tired of throwing their money away on rent each month…perhaps tired of the cramped quarters and the neighbors upstairs.

The empty-nester…who was looking to downsize and have one home up north and one down south…perhaps looking to spend more of their time traveling, than maintaining a large, old home.  Perhaps looking to have everything on one level.

The adventurous type…wanting to have extra money left over each month for a boat, or a camper, or for traveling.

The financially responsible person…who decided that living within a budget was the right thing to do!

And the “happy person” is what they all became…truly enjoying this beautiful, peaceful community they call home.

Whoever you are…whatever the reason…it’s easy to agree that lower monthly housing costs just make sense. Yes..dollar for dollar…square foot per square foot…manufactured housing is the smart housing choice.