January 28, 2023


Can’t live without man’s best friend? We understand.  We have a pet-friendly community where we welcome well-behaved, small dogs.
Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family. Prior to December of 2011 we had a no-dog policy at Pinewood Court. Because of this we continually turned down requests from current tenants and prospective tenants to allow dogs in our community. After careful consideration and research we have decided to allow well-behaved, small (up to 35 lbs when fully grown) dogs at Pinewood Court. The rules will be strict as to noise and clean-up, and all dog owners must agree to abide by the Rules And Regulations For Approved Dogs in Pinewood Court, or they will need to find a new home for “fido”.

As per the Rules and Regulations For Approved Dogs, certain aggressive breeds are expressly prohibited, and also breeds that have high energy and require a large space for exercise every day.

If your a dog-lover…welcome!  If you are not…we want to assure you that Pinewood Court will remain a clean, quite place to live.

We have always had in place a comprehensive set of Rules and Regulations in our community…and we enforce them.  We are confident that allowing dogs will be no different.

A $15 monthly fee will charged to all pet dog owners.

Please call with any questions you might have, 608-534-6210.